Helping Hitters Create Their Own Swing

Endorsed by: Steve Rushin (Sports Illustrated Writer and Author), Mike Sweeney (Royals HOFer), and Kevin Seitzer (Braves Hitting Coach)




Since I was six years old, I have had a passion for hitting a baseball. Teaching the Tools of Hitting represents over 40 years of learning the game from some of the world’s best instructors and coaches, as well as years of success at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels as a player. Whether you are a parent or coach teaching beginners, working with advanced players, or you are a player trying to get out of a slump, this book will help you learn to hit from a practical, easy to gain perspective that can help you teach your students to teach themselves! You'll also find funny and amazing stories from some of the greatest players in baseball that will make you laugh out loud and wonder-"How'd they do that?"  If you're passionate about baseball and hitting, this book is for you!