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Men's Life Coaching with Les.

Les Norman is a Certified Advanced Men's Life/Executive Coach.  

(Note: NOT a Licensed/Accredited Counselor!)


Clients will learn overall aspects of health & wellness, proper nutrition for a sound mind and body, basic exercise techniques, how to manage stress and pain, the importance of rest, and ways to balance/maintain a healthy lifestyle.  If you're ready for accountability and change, this area of coaching is for you!


God has a unique plan for each of us.  When we get 'stuck', it can be difficult to discover what that is.  We'll seek to discover what His plan is for your life in order to grow into a deeper relationship with Him.  You'll develop habits geared toward Spiritual Transformation and discover/pursue your vision and purpose in life.


  Les also specializes in other coaching areas such as:

Stress Management-learn how to manage your stress, schedule, anxiety, etc. in order to experience more joy and control in your life.

Work/Life Balance-Do you work too much?  Having trouble engaging your family once you get home?  Many hard-working men have difficulty balancing the two.  This area of coaching will help you do just that.

Servant Leadership-Leadership isn't just something we do from position.  It's a commitment to others, but even before that, you must learn how to invest in yourself.  You can't give what you don't have!  In this area of coaching, you'll learn how to see to be inspired so you can inspire others and be the best servant leader you can be!


1-on-1 Personal Coaching for Men:

Session 1: Free Consultation

This session lasts 30-45 min. and lays the groundwork for the coaching sessions.


Session Options: 6 sessions or 12 sessions


Duration: Client has the option of 1 monthly session or twice monthly.  Each session is by phone for 60 min.


Cost: Coaching sessions are $50 per session.  Clients can pay per session or in full (advance) via Venmo or Paypal.

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